The Following Items are Accepted Without a Fee:

Computers, servers, laptops, tablets, notebooks, I-Pads and all computing devices

Cell phones

Ink cartridges and toner cartridges

Batteries - Rechargeable batteries to include: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/Pb), UPS backup batteries and Car Batteries


Pots, pans, and metal, including aluminum

Computer game assemblies

Network Devices, Routers, Modems, Switches, etc.

Pots, pans and metal, including aluminum

The Following Items Require a $0.50/lb Processing Fee:

Computer peripherals such as keyboards, cords, wires, cables and and computer mice

Flat screen computer monitors

Copiers (stand-alone)


Hand-held Electronic Devices

Stereos and speakers

Microwave ovens

Computer keyboards and mice without a computer

Televisions – newer, flat panel LED and LCD

TV Satellite equipment


Computer game assemblies

CD Players

DVD Players

Specialized electronic equipment including medical, high-tech, and outdated equipment and non-biohazard properties or elements

All Types of Televisions and CRT Monitors Require a $2/lb Processing Fee:

CRT Computer Monitor

CRT computer monitors (non-broken and intact)

CRT Television

Televisions – CRT (non-broken and intact)

CRT Computer Monitor

Projection or Projection-Style TVs (non-broken and intact)

We Do NOT accept the following items:

Light Bulbs

CD and DVD discs


Alkaline and non-chargeable batteries

Appliances such as refrigerators


Plastic Bottles

And in addition to recycling retired electronics, we also perform data destruction and hard drive wipes for no additional cost. Many items can be recycled for free, while some have a small processing fee. Just drop off your unused electronics during business hours, and we’ll take them off your hands! Not sure if we accept your item? Just fill out the contact form, and we will get back in touch to let you know.

TV Recycling and Disposal

TV Recycling and Disposal

We recycle your old TVs! Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling is the only place in New Mexico that recycles TVs. We recycle all TVs for just a small processing fee, although we can’t recycle broken TVs (damaged TVs, especially with broken glass).

Computer and Monitor Recycling

Computer and Monitor Recycling

Don’t let your old computer end up in a landfill or allow your data to find its way into the wrong hands! Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling Co. recycles end-of-life computers and wipes hard drives at no cost to the consumer (except for a small fee for CRT monitors.) We can even provide a Certificate of Data Destruction (COD) if you need or want one.

Household Appliance Recycling

Household Appliance Recycling

Are you looking to get rid of your old kitchen appliances and don’t want them to end up in a landfill? Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling recycles or repurposes many electronics. While we do not accept large kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, we can recycle blenders, toasters, toaster ovens, and even old pots and pans.

Home Office Equipment Recycling

Home Office Equipment Recycling

Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling Co. offers office equipment recycling for individuals. Many people have old printers, keyboards, routers, etc., just lying around because they aren’t sure what to do with them. When you bring them here, we can happily take care of them for you, including any necessary data destruction. Some of these items do require a small processing fee.

E-Waste & Small Electronics Recycling

E-Waste & Small Electronics Recycling

Are you holding onto old electronics because you’re just not sure what to do with them? Ditch those outdated tablets, gaming systems, cell phones, printers, and more at Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling. For many items, we recycle electronics for free, and some items have a small by-the-pound fee. We’ll make sure your electronics are stripped down so they can be repurposed and don’t end up in a landfill.

If you have old computers and other household electronics laying around that you’re ready to recycle, just bring them by Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling Co during business hours. Or, if you’re not sure if we can recycle what you have, give us a call at (505) 990-3732, or fill out our contact form and we will let you know!

FAQs About Residential E-Waste Recycling

How do I dispose of a computer in Albuquerque?
Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling Co. can recycle your computer at no cost to you (except for a small fee for CRT monitors.) Just bring your old computers by the storefront. You don’t even have to get out of your car or have an appointment. Just pull up, and someone from our team will come out to take your item. We always do a hard drive wipe too, and can provide you with a Certificate of Data Destruction if you ask for one.

How do I dispose of a TV in Albuquerque?
It’s surprisingly hard to dispose of a TV in Albuquerque but we can do it here at Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling Co! Even the City of Albuquerque does not take TVs. We charge a small processing fee to recycle TVs, and we cannot recycle damaged TVs.

How do I dispose of old electronics in Albuquerque?
We make it so simple to recycle your old electronics in Albuquerque. Just drop them off during business hours, and we will take them off your hands. Then, you can have a clean conscience, knowing that none of it will end up in a landfill!